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Warmer Weather Bad For Local Parks

 While many are enjoying the mild and dry winter, others are hoping for just the opposite.

NDSU Innovation Competition

 NDSU students are taking part in a contest focusing on the innovation of new and unique products and services.

ND Bill May Impact Taxpayers

The House Appropriations Committee is considering a bill that would prohibit raising tuition at all state colleges and universities until 2017.

Record Breaking Numbers for F-M Housing

The Home Builders Association's new numbers are looking good for F–M housing.

Three Men Arrested for Trespassing

Three men are arrested for trespassing at a Fargo trailer home.

Man Arrested in Moorhead Following Chase

One person is in custody following a high speed chase in a stolen car.

One Injured in Beltrami County Explosion

One person was hurt in an explosion that destroyed a house in Beltrami County.

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