Red River Valley Fair Kicks Off in West Fargo

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It’s the day thousands of people have been waiting for, the start of the Red River Valley Fair.

It’s a time for cheese curds, fresh lemonade and bacon wrapped corn dogs.

KVRR’s Aries Serrano is live at the fair in West Fargo with more.

Alison and TJ, the fair is in full swing here and as you can see there are plenty of people here to enjoy the blue skies and warm weather.

I talked with several people on why they made it to the fair and they say it’s really about the rides and the food.

A day of rides, food and entertainment.

The Red River Valley Fair is bringing thousands of people onto the fairgrounds here in West Fargo.
“It’s a beautiful day here out at the fair. We couldn’t have asked for a better starting day, blue sky, lots of people,” says Bryan Schulz, Red River Valley Fair General Manager.
Organizers say they hope attendance hits at least 120,000 over the 6 day run of the fair.

Isaac Balvitch and his friends who go to Discovery Elementary are taking advantage of what the fair has to offer.
“Just walking around, doing some rides, playing some games” says Isaac Balvitch.
The fair is bringing people from all over the valley including Addie Steile and her friends.
“Just enjoying the weather, nice day coming out and going on the rides and eating some fair food,” says Addie Steile.
If you consider yourself competitive like photographer John Hanson and I, you can try out the marines pull up bars, or take a crack at the water gun machines, which I coincidentally both won.
“We try keeping a lot of it the same, but we do our entertainment and our grounds; that’s our big changes. We’ve got from hypnotist comedians over in our Geringhoff building, our free stage at the Acme building.”

Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children, and that gets you into the concerts for free.

And if you just want the food.. you can even get in free from 11 to 1 weekdays through Friday.

Tonight you can catch Dan and Shay, a country music duo performing at 8.
Reporting live from the Red River Valley Fair, Aries Serrano KVRR News.