Health Matters: 95210 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

What your children drink during the day can affect how they sleep at night.

I spoke with Jessica Kuhn at Essentia Health Pediatrics who tells her patients five golden rules during their wellness check.

As we’re getting ready for the school year she wants you to remember this.

Living healthy is not just about what you see in the mirror.

“It doesn’t necessarily pertain to the way your body is shaped and sized, as much as the physical health of your body.” says Jessica Kuhn, DNR with Essentia Health Pediatrics.


It sounds like a zip code but Essentia Health says it is actually a tip to help you kick off a healthy life style.

Nine hours of sleep, five servings of fruits and vegetables, less than two hours of screen time, one hour of physical activity, and drinks with zero sugar.

“Routine is the biggest thing, if we keep our kids on a constant routine they know what to expect and there’s no surprises. If we start the routine now as we’re headed into school kids are ready for starting school and we can continue that routine through the school year. ” Kuhn says.

All the rules work hand in hand.

“Sugar affects body weight. It does affect our learning. It affects our learning and sleep cycles. Everything kind of links together. If you can do one thing it makes the next thing much easier.” Kuhn reminds us.

Some rules are easy to do all at once.

“Limit your screen time less than two hours and then what I want you to do is get your self outside and move your body.” says Kuhn.

You can start with taking baby steps , and when you’re taking them with someone it’s a win win for everybody.

“If we’re all doing it together as a family, then it’s much easier for everybody to participate.” Kuhn says.

These tips are for everyone and important to remember all year long.