Labor Day Hot Dog Skate

 Hundreds of families take advantage of the annual “Labor Day Hot Dog Skate” at Skate City.

Skaters receive a free hot dog and drink with admission to celebrate the work–free holiday.

Skate City opened at Skate Land’s previous location on Interstate Boulevard back in January.

The rink recently replaced all of their traditional skates with new ones.

“This is a day that we know sometimes people have the full day off and people want to come out and have a fun time, so we always offer that as a opportunity. We know a lot of places close on Labor day so it doesn’t always give people the opportunity to find somewhere to go. If you’re not going camping and you’re stuck in the city you can come with your family and have a great time,” says Tony Heer, General Manager.

Skate City will also have this deal for Memorial Day.