Grand Forks Recovers After More Flooding

Grand Forks Police issue a no travel advisory after last night’s storm flooded the city’s streets.

Most of the severe flooding is gone but the cleanup is still going on.

Rainstorms don’t wait.

Jacob Carlson got the call at 2am when the built in pumps couldn’t keep up with the six inches of rainfall.

“Even after it stopped raining, it still wasn’t able to keep up. The water level wasn’t going down. I got two hours of sleep last night,” says Jacob Carlson of Grand Forks Highway Maintenance.

Last night, the roads of Grand Forks were like lakes.

City workers say they got lots of calls about stalled out vehicles stuck in water, and flooded basements.

“The dark red here is pretty much the hardest hit area where we had up to six inches that the radar was estimating,” says Amanda Lee, Grand Forks NWS Meteorologist.

But at around 5 am this morning, most of the severe flooding quickly left the city streets.

Now, they are left with minor damage and flooded crops.

“So we had a lot of rainfall out ahead of it kind of back building onto itself so it kind of kept raining over the same area for hours and hours,” says Lee.

Other towns like Manvel were hit by the flash floods, causing landslides to crash into the Turtle River.

Construction workers believe the flooding may have busted a sewer pipe.  They say one is supposed to be running east and west, but now it’s running north and south.

Turn around, don’t drown.

That’s the motto from the National Weather Service when the roads ahead are flooded.

“There was a lot of cars going through faster than they should have been, hydroplaning, splashing each other,” says Carlson.

Meteorologists say to help prevent your homes from flooding, use sump pumps, and make sure your yard diverts water away from the home.