West Fargo Prepares for Automatic Trash Pick Up

West Fargo Sanitation is preparing to make their trash load system automatic.

They hope it will relieve the employees who previously rode on the back of the garbage truck.

You may notice something new in your driveway, West Fargo is delivering 64-gallon garbage bins for curbside collection.

“It will also make it a lot more convenient for the customer and for us, it should be a lot more efficient,” says Tom Clark, West Fargo Sanitation Manager.

The larger bins will fit in the new automated system that will be completely controlled by the driver.

“It takes out a lot of the dangers to the guys, hopefully we will reduce injuries to our workers greatly. They aren’t out in the curb in the ice and the snow,” Clark explains.

The city is asking the public to do their best to make the driver’s job as easy as possible.

You can do that by not putting the bins near your cars or mailbox.

“Obviously we can get our way in there but for efficiency wise keep it separated. We would like to see a recycling container on one side of the driveway and the garbage container on the other. That isn’t always possible but that’s what we ask of the residents,” says Jared Giffey, West Fargo Sanitation Foreman.

Not only is it safer, but it creates more time for the sanitation department to work on other things.

“It’s easier on the guys back, with the arm picking it up instead of them personally picking it up,” Giffey says.

Giffey says he’s already noticed the faster pace of work.

Following the footsteps of most cities in the state, they believe it’s time they make the switch.

“From the reduction of the single stream recycling and then looking at this test area, it was kind of a natural transition,” Clark states.

The entire project cost right around $1 million.

The city says they will still pick up trash left outside your home even if it doesn’t fit in the new bin.