Distracted Driving Seminar Held In West Fargo

Distracted driving claims the lives of eight people and injures more than eleven hundred people each day in the US, according to the CDC.

That’s just one of many alarming statistics being discussed at a distracted driving seminar held in West Fargo.

The events cover ways to prevent distracted driving and is open to the community.

They will feature keynote speakers including Shelly Forney a nationally regarded advocate against distracted driving.

Forney says for her this issue is personal.

She lost her daughter to an accident involving a distracted driver in 2007.

“When is it going to be you? You know that whole statement it’s never going to happen to me? Hi it’s me. There’s a me right in front of you. I know I don’t live here but it’s obviously happening nationwide and it’s not going to stop until people are educated about this issue and start to take it really seriously,” Forney says.

If you missed the first event, don’t worry. There will be another presentation Thursday night at 7:30 at Cambria Suites in West Fargo.