Head of DEA Visits Fargo For Opioid Conference

The Administrator of the DEA Chuck Rosenberg commends Fargo for its effort in tackling its opioid crisis.

The auditorium at Fargo South High School is almost completely packed with community members coming out to learn how to combat the opioid epidemic locally.

Keynote speakers focus on informing the public of statistics on the crisis.

Rosenberg says 47,000 people will die this year from drug overdoses.

The high fatality rate of opioid overdoses makes them a large chunk of that statistic.

He says a big part of learning to fight the epidemic is learning the background and identifying the specific issues in each community.

“It’s going to take different forms, different shapes in every community, every community is a little bit different but what we’re here to tell folks is that this is a very real dangerous problem and you need to pay attention,” says Rosenberg.

Conferences like Arms Wide Open show people how these drugs affect their communities and how to deal with these issues when they present themselves in everyday life.

Patty Cummings, a local teacher says she hopes this conference will help her better understand her students who are dealing with addiction.

“We have a whole child with us, a whole student with us and these are things that our kids are faced with daily. So I need to know about that so as a member of the education team can serve them better,” says Cummings.

These discussions are just one element in the effort to end opioid abuse, according to Rosenberg. law enforcement and regulation are also important pieces of the puzzle.