The Village Hold Its Annual “Roots and Wing” Event

The Village Family Service Center holds its annual reunion for people who lived there back when it was an orphanage.

The “Roots and Wings” dinner event gathers “alumni” of The Village and gives them an opportunity to connect with others who lived in the children’s home.

Some there drive in from out of state the join the special night.

President and CEO Gary Wolsky is also being recognized for his 33 years of service before he transitions to be the president of the Children’s Village family service foundation.

“They’re special, they know they are special, they’re part of a rich heritage we have as a organization, ” says Gary Wolsky.

“Us past residents when we get together we talk about our experiences as a resident of the orphanage when we were children. Some of them are hilarious, some are good, some memories are not so good, ” explain Paul Odegaard, a former resident of The Village.

The village is also celebrating it’s 125th anniversary as an organization.