Bridge Bash Welcomes New Moorhead Students

 School is back in session and to celebrate, the Moorhead Business Association is throwing a Bridge Bash Celebration.

Live music, food trucks, games and booths for local businesses are set up on the 1st Ave North Bridge in Moorhead.

Local college students, kids of all ages and community members are invited out to welcome new people to the city as part of the Greater Moorhead Days celebration.

“We’re just really Moorhead proud and so excited to be a part of this community. I think that’s why we wanted to throw this bridge bash so that we could welcome the students to Moorhead and we’re really hoping that some of them find Moorhead to be a great place to make home after they graduate,” says David Hunstad, Head of the Moorhead Business Association.

The event goes until 10 pm so if you’re interested in joining in the fun you still have some time to get out to the bridge.