Gov. Dalrymple Calls Up the National Guard to Assist at Protest Sites

Gov. Dalrymple has called on the National Guard to help law enforcement at the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests.

Law enforcement says protesters have been locking themselves to construction equipment and in some cases, vandalizing construction vehicles in an effort to stop progress on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

They are hoping the National Guard can help.

Both Morton County Sheriff’s Office and the National Guard say guardsmen will not be sent to the actual protest site.

Instead, the guard will help relieve officers working at traffic information points in the surrounding area.

This will free up officers to patrol the protest site to help prevent any more illegal activities.

“With the national guard helping in these support roles we can free up more officers for enhanced patrols and calls for assistance. I have also placed additional guardsmen on standby alert given the event they are needed to assist with response efforts,” says Gov. Dalrymple.

“Public safety. That is our number one goal and what we’re doing here today by bringing some guardsmen in to help out on the check point is so that law enforcement can do what they do best and that’s get out there on the roads to promote public safety and be there when needed,” says Maj. Gen. Alan Dohrmann.

Dohrmann says as of now the guard only plans to send a few dozen troops to help out.

Dohrmann also says roughly 100 troops will be ready in case of an emergency.