Support for Refugee Education Programs in the Red River Valley

Refugee resettlement numbers exceeded predictions in North Dakota this year.

More than 500 refugees have resettled in the state since last October which are about 60 more than projected.

You can’t just drop someone in a new country and expect them to thrive.

That’s where education efforts come in.

Lutheran Social Services helps families register refugee children for classes.

All families are screened before they arrive.

Fargo Public Schools has three social workers that make home visits with refugee families to help them acclimate.

Administrators say the program is going well.

Schools and LSS are working together to help overcome the biggest challenges facing new American families.

“The primary issue that needs to be addressed is language learning and try to help the individuals get into the programs that they need to get help with their English,” said Shirley Dykshoorn of Lutheran Social Services.

The Fargo Adult Learning center is helping older refugees learn English as well.

The center recently added a third language class.

Lutheran Social Services also addressed Syrian Refugees during today’s quarterly meeting.

The first Syrian refugees of the fiscal year arrived in the state last month.