61 for 61 Raising Money for Roger Maris Cancer Center

61 for 61 is running all day at Family Fair on 25th and 32nd.

The event includes a silent auction that runs until 8 pm, a live radiothon broadcast, and a homerun walk.

There is a 61 for 61 wall set up for people to write the names of those they’ve known who have battled cancer.

The goal for the event is to raise over $160,000.

Sanford representative Colleen Hardy says events like these are essential to maintaining the excellent care provided by the Roger Maris Cancer Center.

“We’re very lucky to have a facility like that here right in our community where people are able to get their treatments and they’re able to get them right here close to home so they don’t have to do that and we have some of the best doctors around,” says Hardy.

The walk begins at 6:30 and a candle lighting will take place at 8:15.