Local Mayors Declare This Week As Drive Electric Week

F–M Mayors officially declare this week as Drive Electric Week.

As part of the proclamation, an Electric Car Drive-in event was held at West Acres Mall.

Kicking off with speeches from Moorhead Mayor Del Rae Williams and North Dakota State Senator Tim Mathern the event’s main focus is showing off some of the available electric vehicle.

From top of the line Teslas to the more affordable Nissan Leaf, interested locals have the opportunity to ride and drive in some of these electric cars.

“I would say we’re only a generation or two away from basically the internal combustion engine going the way of the dodo. Basically people are going to look at that and say I can’t believe everyone drove around with cars that made little fires in their engines. It’s like cavemen.,” says William Weightman, captain of Drive Electric Week.

Weightman says one of the best ways to get people interested in these eco–friendly cars is to give them a chance to see them up close.