Two Prizes Left in Moorhead Medallion Hunt

One medallion has been found but there are two more left to find.

As a part of Greater Moorhead Days, three medallions are hidden in public spaces throughout the city.

Clues are posted daily on the Moorhead Parks and Recreation website by 8:00 am.

Prizes still available include $1,000 gift card to Hornbacher’s and a $500 gift card to Matt’s Automotive Service Center.

“You do not have to do any digging and they aren’t by the river banks, but you can look for them where ever. It’s a good way to learn about Moorhead and to explore our community and to see all the great things going on in the city of Moorhead,” says Kim Wangler, Moorhead Recreation Specialist.

If you find a medallion, follow the directions on it to claim your prize.

The hunt ends on Wednesday, September 14.