Why “Five Seconds” Should Probably Not be a Rule

Remember the age-old saying of the five second rule?

Some researchers have set out to disprove that theory when it comes to food contamination…with interesting results.

Rutgers University researchers say they spread a mixture of different bacteria on four separate surfaces of stainless steel, ceramic tile, wood and carpet and let it dry.

They dropped four separate foods of watermelon, bread, bread with butter and gummy candy onto the surface and then tested each item for bacteria.

Now no surprise for us here…all of the foods contained bacteria, which does disprove the “five second rule”…however, they also say the shorter the food was on the surface, the less bacteria was transferred.

Researchers also say the watermelon had the most bacteria because of its water content.

Here at KVRR, we are not telling you what you should do…just be aware.

Drop and eat at your own risk!