Will Frost Damage Your Harvest?

The temperature has taken quite a tumble in the past few days…and the mercury could be headed even lower tonight.

Experts say the lower temperatures could kill off crops just days before harvest.

Although many local crops have already been harvested…there is a risk of frost damaging vulnerable crops like corn and soybeans.

Unfortunately, there may not be a way to prevent the colder weather from taking a bite out of the yield.

“If you go out and just water all your fields, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to escape it, especially those crops that are tall.  It’s pretty hard to reach the top of the canopy, so most of the time there isn’t much you can do about it,” says Drew Lerner, Lead Agricultural Meteorologist at World Weather, Inc.

Lerner says that the area should see its first hard frost sometime in the next ten days.

He also says there is no relationship between the timing of the first frost and how severe this winter will be.