Carson Wentz’s Eagles Jersey is an NFL Hot Ticket Item

Carson Wentz’s Eagles jersey is a hot seller.

Wentz mania has reached an all–time high with his Philadelphia Eagles’ jersey becoming the best–seller in the NFL.

Carson Wentz’s career is off to a strong start.

“It started out right away in May, and it hasn’t let up, and there’s definitely another bump now with him playing so well last Sunday,” says Ron Gorde, owner of Sports City.

With the Eagles’ win last Sunday, everything that has Wentz’s name on it is selling fast.

“Well, we actually sell a lot of t–shirts.  We’ve got babies, youth sizes, ladies’, men’s…they all sell very well,” says Gorde.

Carson Wentz fever isn’t just limited to his Philadelphia Eagles jersey, back on campus, his college gear is also selling like crazy.

“It’s been very, very successful…very consistent…and just recently with last weekend’s game there’s been an uptick in a lot of our sales, so it’s been very exciting for everyone,” says Mary Sivertson of the NDSU Bookstore.

The bookstore is selling a wide range of Wentz gear, but hopes to add to its selection soon.

“As vendors get licensed in the college market to carry Carson Wentz items, we’ll be more than happy to add to what we currently have,” says Sivertson.

Students have already jumped on board the Wentz Express.

“I absolutely have plans on getting out there and buying that jersey – not only for myself but my family members as well – it makes a good gift,” says student Seth Bisbee.

Many retailers hope their sales keep soaring through the rest of the season.

Carson Wentz will take the field again when the Eagles take on the Chicago Bears Monday night.