“Anonymous Agents” Threaten ND Governor and Pipeline Officials

In a bizarre twist to the pipeline protest, a video posted by “Anonymous Agents” has issued threats to President Obama, Governor Dalrymple and even pipeline workers.
FBI agents say Anonymous, a loosely organized hacktivist group, has been on their radar for a while.

In a chilling computer generated British voice, the video demands authorities to leave the protest site, threatening to release their home addresses and send dogs after them.
First seen last week, these videos are condemned by Senator Heidi Heitkamp who calls the threats “cowardly.”

One of the videos claims they’ve already released information about some pipeline employees.

The video shows a man’s face wearing their trademark green Guy Fawkes mask, saying they will carry out their threats if authorities don’t leave.
“You harm one hair on the head of any native Americans and we will release dogs on everyone involved in the pipeline construction. Your actions are unforgivable, they only want clean drinking water and you being as corrupt as you are do not care. Send the National Guard home. Do not test anonymous,” a generated voice in the threat video says.
State emergency services are asking for up to $6 million from the state-owned bank to help with protest enforcement.

FBI Special Agent Kyle Loven can’t say whether the videos are actually coming from the group Anonymous.