“Attire to Inspire” Fashion Show Prepares Women for the Workforce

Get out your resumes and start calling references.

Dress for Success is holding its 4th annual Attire to Inspire fashion show in Fargo.
For a guy, dressing up for the job is easy: shirt, suit, tie, bam. That’s it.

But for women, it can be a little more complicated.

It’s one of many reasons why this fashion show is here to help give women the tools they need to start their professional life.
Seventeen stores from the area are representing a grand total of 128 models strutting their career starting outfits on the catwalk to success.
“I think there’s a lot more accessories to a woman’s outfit, there’s the hair, the make-up, there’s a lot more things that need to be done in order to bring the whole outfit together,” model Brianne Hoffman says.
It’s not just about the fashion show.

It’s all about bettering career prospects for women getting back into the corporate world.
“Getting them ready, dressed appropriately, prepping them for interviews, they do such a great job in our community and this is such a great way to bring awareness to what they do,” Hoffman says.
“It’s really about empowering women to get them back into successful careers,” fashion show volunteer Hannah Sorensen says.
The fashion show is their biggest fundraiser.

This year, they’re using these funds to start a new program.
“We really hope that it helps fund the new mentoring program that keeps women that are going back into corporate culture and helps them have that mentor opportunity as they start out their careers and have successful journeys,” Sorensen says.
And KVRR’s very own Alison Voorhees is one of the models walking the event representing outfits from Proper.
They’re also holding a silent auction in an effort to help other women get ready to Dress for Success.