Dress for Success Celebrates Attire to Inspire

Local models show off the latest in fashion to help other women get into the working world.

Dress for Success is holding its 4th annual Attire to Inspire event.

Alison Voorhees joins us LIVE from the Hilton Garden Inn.

ALISON VOORHEES: TJ, here I am at the Attire to Inspire Event and people are just starting to walk through the doors now.  I’m here with Hannah Sorensen, who helped put on tonight’s event.  Hannah, can you tell me a little bit of what you guys have going on here tonight?

HANNAH SORENSEN: It’s a fashion show-silent auction.  We have a red carpet entrance…you can get your photo taken.  Wine tasting and lots of great food.

AV: Tell me a little bit about Dress for Success.  Who does it benefit?

HS: Women in our community.  Many women have been out of the workforce for awhile and are looking to get back into or need to get back into it.  It provides them with clothing and also services to help them learn how to interview and integrate into corporate culture again.

AV: How about a little bit about the businesses that are helping you put on tonight’s event?  What have they provided for you?

HS: So we have 17 different stores from the community that are in the show with 120 models showcasing new fall fashions.

AV: Thanks so much Hannah and best of luck tonight.