On the Job Search? Employers Begin Seasonal Hiring

Target, Kohls, Herbergers, UPS.  What do they have in common?

They are all hiring for the busy holiday season ahead.

There are exactly 100 days left before Christmas, and area retailers aren’t wasting any time hiring seasonal workers.

“We typically do seasonal hiring every Christmas season, so this year we get to start a little earlier in the beginning of October is when we will start hiring for seasonal.  We typically hire 30–40 people every year,” says Jennifer Thoreson, Executive Team Leader at Target.

In fact, there are so many openings that employers have a hard time filling them all.

“So there’s plenty of jobs available right now for people who are looking to pick up either a part–time job in retail or restaurant work or a student who’s looking to get a job while they’re going to school,” says Carey Fry, Director of the Fargo Office of Job Service North Dakota.

The holiday season is a great opportunity for employees to get their foot in the door with local businesses, but there are steps those employees can take in order to make sure that those short–term opportunities become a long–term employment.

“In years past they could only stay 90 days, but now they can stay up to 165 days,” says Thoreson.

There are some things prospective employees can do to make their temporary employment permanent.

“Show up on time, you’re engaged in your job, you get along well with your co–workers…those are things that we hear often that employers wish they had access to more of those soft skills,” says Fry.

Just a few tips to help keep that extra change jingling in your pocket through the holidays and beyond.

Job Service North Dakota says that they have only a hundred prospective employees to fill 400 open positions.

If you are looking for seasonal employment, you can go to our website, click here.