Bennett Elementary Teaching Students the Golden Rule

Fifth graders at Bennett Elementary in Fargo are getting a lesson on compassion and the golden rule.

The school, partnering with First Lutheran Church of Fargo, is putting students through a day of fun games and activities designed to teach students how to work together and get to know each other.

Games like Play-Doh Pictionary help students build communication skills and problem solve as a group.

The school used to hold these activity days but it’s been years since the last one was held.

“Last year we had some students that were struggling with one another a little bit, some friendship issues and some social issues. So this year, we really wanted to make sure that we started the students out in a positive light, thinking about respect and how to treat one another and work together,” says Bennett Elementary School Counselor Amy Balluff.

Balluff says the school plans to work with the other grades to help build up their social skills and team building.