FM Welcoming Week Helping Refugees

Starting today until September 25th, Welcoming America hosts it’s National Welcoming Week, holding events right here in the Red River Valley.
The nationwide event displays the contributions of immigrants to American neighborhoods.

Nirosh Skalsky, a refugee from Kurdistan, Iraq, says leaving her country wasn’t as simple as just getting on a plane.
“Well first we had to flee because Saddam Hussein was bombing our villa our town our home our city. So we fled to the mountains of turkey. They did not let us enter so we were forced to go back into Kurdistan and that’s where the aly forces set up a refugee camp and then they sent us over here afterwards,” Nirosh Skalsky of Fargo says.
Refugees and immigrants have come from all over, including Eastern Europe, the Middle East and even Africa. This accounts for the diversity that we see all throughout Welcoming Week.
“Really it’s a very very diverse group in terms of culture, geographic location, religious backgrounds…it’s very exciting,” organizer Barry Nelson.
Nirosh came to America with little knowledge of our culture…but she did learn from others around her and says that’s why it’s important to share stories not only with other refugees…but everyone.
“No I didn’t know any English. The only English I knew was from the refugee camps. The allied forces, the U.S. soldiers would give us chips and pop and candy so I knew Cheetos and 7-up. But otherwise we had no English,” Skalsky says.
Organizers say they are pleased with how compassionate the community has been during Welcoming Week so far.

They hope to help many others who come in the future.