Sitting Down With Valley City’s New Mayor

Valley City has elected a new Mayor after their former mayor resigned back in May.

Mayor–Elect Dave Carlsrud says he’s optimistic for his upcoming term.

Carlsrud is still recovering from the excitement Thursday’s big win.

“It’s just been a plethora of different emotions,” says Carlsrud.

The win has Carlsrud in a energized mood and he hopes as mayor he can bring a fresh look to Valley City.

There have been a number of new businesses coming to the town including two new car dealerships and a number of public works projects.

“We have many good things going so we want to coordinate that and continue that kind of growth,” says Carlsrud.

More than anything Carlsrud says during his time in office he wants to focus on bringing positivity back to Valley City by highlighting community works projects like the construction of the new wellness center.

“This will compliment exercising so to speak and also through our medical facilities and it can be utilized for the rehabilitation and partnering with the university we’ll have some classes over there. So we’re trying to make it a complete community facility.,”says Carlsrud.

In addition to focusing on uplifting the community’s spirit, Carlsrud also knows there are some specific issues that need to be addressed in the city.

“We have permanent flood protection and we’ve been phasing, I say we, the people ahead of me have been phasing those projects and now with the oil money backing off a little bit those phases will have to be adjusted to a degree,” says Carlsrud.

He noted that he still has plenty of catching up to do on government affairs because this is his first elected office but he says living in Valley City for the last 30 years gives him a good perspective on the city’s past problems.

He wants the potential of the city to come to development.