Bison Fans Still Find a Way To Cheer On Their Team

There was no tailgate party today at NDSU, but that didn’t stop fans from cheering on the Bisons at their favorite sports bar.

We caught up with fans at Herds and Horns and asked them how they were feeling coming into the game.

Even though the odds were against them, fans were still confident the Bison would come out victorious against the Hawkeyes.

Whether home or away, fans continue to support their beloved football team.

“They’re always favored to win for us. It’ll be a tough game but they do so well in this kind of environment and the good competition is what we need this year. They’re definitely going to win just probably kind of how close it’s going to be. Hopefully it doesn’t go into over time again,” says Bison fans Kalley Norr and Tyra Payer.