Local Daycare Holds Conference On How To Prevent SIDS

The ABDC Daycare hosted a conference discussing the importance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as SIDS.

Speakers here at the event say that even the most seasoned child care providers could all use a little extra training.

The ABDC seminar includes speakers explaining what precautions can be taken, offering a free SIDS training course.

Events like these might not be possible if it weren’t for the help of a mother who lost her child, which has inspired her to provide SIDS training to all child care providers in all of the state.

“My daughter was laid down for a nap and wasn’t checked on for 45 minutes and when she was found she had already passed away. So I decided to do some checking on that and they said to do frequent visual checks but that wasn’t defined so i kind of wanted to get something for definitive of what that meant,” says Tammy Czapiewski.

Soon after the tragic loss of her daughter, Tammy hopped on board in making sure Addison’s Law got passed.

The law requires all child care providers to have annual SIDS training.

“It showed airway it showed positions it showed figures of the baby. To know when they’re awake to know when they’re sleep, after they’ve eaten and they’ve burped, things like that. How you wrap them, temperature wise, positioning, face up face down and things like that. So it was very very informational,” says Maarja Krogh, State Representative of ABDC.

Not only does this apply to child care providers, but it also hits home to parents who have infants of their own.

“That always concerns me just as a parent just at home. Like oh my gosh, can I put this blanket in with him can you cover up with anything? I’m afraid that you know because of his breathing would he be okay?” says Nokomis Teacher Theresa Fischer.