Beretta’s Bucket List: Homeward Animal Shelter Loving Pup in Her Last Days

A Fargo shelter is helping a dying pup make the most of her final days.

After Beretta was diagnosed with neoplastic effusion, the Homeward Animal Shelter is helping her fullfill a bucket list.

Some days are “ruff.”

But it’s not stopping this pup from having her adventures.

“She actually kind of waddles like a little dachshund does,” said Carley Kuehl, a member of Beretta’s foster family.

Found as a stray, Beretta was taken in by Homeward Animal Shelter.

She had two mammary tumors on both sides of her body.

Aged at eight to ten years old, doctors thought this miniature dachshund only had months to live.

“So we took off the one on the one side, and then we had a second surgery take off the tumors on the second side. But there wasn’t enough skin to pull it closed and close it up, so she does have an open wound down here,” Kuehl says.

But it got worse.

The cancer caused neoplastic effusion, giving her only weeks left to live.

“Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, she came into our care too late to stop the spread of the cancer,” said Heather Clyde, manager of the Homeward Animal Shelter.

Heather says if someone took better care of her as a young pup, this may have been prevented.

“Dogs that are over two years of age before they get spayed have a one in four chance of ending up with mammary cancer,” she explained.

So Heather decided to make her a bucket list…

“Beretta is such a great dog that she should have something fun for the last few weeks of her life,” Clyde says.

She’s a busy pup on the town getting ice cream and now having a shopping spree. But the things she likes most in the world are cuddles, laps and naps.

The shelter even gave her a birthday party, fit for a queen.

“With Beretta’s case, we’ve all fallen in love with her and we’re heartbroken,” said Homeward Animal Shelter PR coordinator Heather Kiefstad.

With an outpouring of community support, Homeward is sure Beretta’s final weeks are going to be some of her best.

Also on her list, Beretta will spend a day on the beach and get treated to a Starbucks “Puppuccino.”

If you would like to help Beretta’s bucket list, go to their Facebook page.