Discovery Middle School Takes Science to the Streets

Eighth graders at Discovery Middle school participated in the 10th Annual Riverbank clean up and ecosystem science lesson.

Lindenwood Park had a few extra workers, as eighth graders rolled up their sleeves to help clean up the community.
“Every year we take our kids out at the beginning of the year to do community service, usually with the Fargo Parks District,” said teacher Jeremy Nesvold. “A lot of the time they’ll have us doing brush removal. They might have us doing mulch work, whatever they really may need. And then we also blend it with team building because it is early in the school year. So we’re letting our kids get to know each other and bond a little bit.”
Eighth graders at Discovery Middle School are not only cleaning up with their friends, but they’re also learning the importance of the Red River.”
“How much the river rushes through like compared to the winter,” said student Luca Eissinger. “If you take winter and summer like they’re two different things. Like in the summer, it’s usually like steady but in the winter it’s just pretty slow. And then in the spring time it’s just kind of goes too fast because it’s flooding and all the snow’s melting.”
Not only were students clearing out brush throughout the park, but they also rotated around three different workshops, where they learned the importance of Earth Science.

It became a mixture of outdoor learning, while also hanging with friends.
“I really liked carrying twigs and carrying them down,” said student William Brown. “Not necessarily because I like carrying stuff, but because I like talking to my friends and just playing around as we learn about our environment.”
Discovery Middle school shows that community cleaning has no age limit.

Discovery partakes in various community service projects, such as planting trees and spreading mulch throughout the fall.