Two Years: Questions Surround NDSU Student Homicide

This week marks two years since NDSU freshman Tom Bearson disappeared after a party and was later found dead.

Bearson’s death was ruled as a homicide after he was found three days after going missing in an RV sales parking lot in Moorhead.

Officials have not identified a motive or a suspect.

Police say that even with all of the time that has passed, they haven’t stopped working on finding the person or people responsible.

“We still very much have an active investigation with the Tom Bearson homicide,” said Lt. Tory Jacobson of the Moorhead PD. “It still continues to be a partnership investigation working with Fargo Police, NDSU Police, Moorhead Police Department, the Minnesota BCA and the FBI.”

Police have asked the public for help finding Bearson’s cellphone and shoe that are still missing.