Logan’s Views on Life Help Others Fly High

We first brought you Logan’s story after Allegiant Airlines gave him a trip of a lifetime.

But this time, the giving is all on Logan.

“Hello I am Logan, instead of presents for my birthday I am getting stuff for the Gladys Ray Shelter would you like to help me and give me some stuff,” says Logan.

That’s the pitch eight–year–old Logan Lorzel gave to a number of local businesses over the last month.

“Some people would say probably, some people would say yes, no one would say no,” Logan says.

This is the second year Logan has spent his birthday giving back, and this year the amount he was able to collect has grown.

This is last year’s haul.

Getting together a donation this large isn’t something that someone can do all on their own.

Logan had plenty of help from his family who has a rich history of giving back to the community.

Logan’s mom, Marisa Bengtson-Lorzel, says she encourages Logan and her other kids to think of others before themselves.

“I think just you know, teaching them that that type of stuff exists and that there’s things that we can do to help out and you know we might not change the world but we can change the world for one person,” Marisa says.

And that’s exactly what Logan did here.

Woman: “Thank you so much.”

Logan: “You’re welcome.”

Woman: “You really brightened my day. Happy belated birthday.”

Logan: “Thank you.”

“I saw a tear in her eye and that just made me happy of what I’m doing,” Logan says.

“Having a really young person say I know the people need to know that they’re cared about and I wanted to do this one thing to show people that people out there do care about them. That’s definitely the most important part of this today,” says Gladys Ray Shelter Director Jan Eliassen.

Logan plans to continue with his tradition for years to come.

Included in Logan’s donations are ice cream, cake and a meal for the people staying at the shelter tonight.