United Blood Services Gives Away Polaris Ranger

A national blood shortage has United Blood Services giving away a brand new wild ride.

First time blood donations decrease during the summer months.

“We needed to come up with something more creative and different, something that people in the Midwest would raise their eyebrows too and say ‘I really want that and that’s going to make me come out and roll up my sleeves if I haven’t before or haven’t in a while,” says Jennifer Bredahl, United Blood Services.

550 blood products are needed each day to serve patients in the region.

“We do need as much help as we can get as far as rebuilding the supply, to make sure that with any emergency situation we have exactly what we need in each blood type,” Bredahl says.

More than 20 thousand people donated to enter a drawing for a Polaris Ranger, but there was only one winner: 71-year-old Brian Neubauer from Breckenridge.

“I think I’ve given blood about 23 to 24 times,” Neubauer says.

United Blood Services says this is the biggest giveaway ever. 

Local United Blood Services centers provide blood to more than 100 hospitals from Bismarck to Cheyenne, Wyoming and beyond.

“If there happens to be a need nationwide and we are able to help out in those situations we always will make sure that we send blood in this tragic needs,” Bredahl says.

Winter may be coming, but Brian is excited to take his new ranger on the trails!

“You just put on an extra coat,” Neubauer says.

United Blood Services says they are especially looking for more O positive and O negative blood donations.