Why Did the Boa Constrictor Cross the Road?

Grand Forks County deputies responded to a call of a jaywalker, but got more than they bargained for.

Deputies found a boa constrictor slithering across the road just south of the city.

Luckily for the reptile, it was found by a motorist who placed it into the back of an empty trailer.

The snake was taken to Circle of Friends Humane Society.

Authorities continue to investigate where the reptile came from.

“We received information that a boa would be brought in by a sheriff and it was because it was out on County Road 6.  Somebody had driven by, saw it, started to create a crowd and then called 911 because it’s not very normal to see a boa constrictor,” says Laura Lee Tupa, executive director of Circle of Friends Humane Shelter.

No one as yet has come forward claiming to have lost their pet boa constrictor.

The species is native to Central and South America.