Elementary School Janitor Gets Big Thanks For Mural

A Longfellow Elementary School janitor is being is being thanked by the students and faculty for a mural he painted for the school.

The mural is of an original mascot for the school, named “Lionfellow”.

He’s a super hero for the fellow lions at the school.

The artist, Niko Reyes, has been working for the school since last January.

He says he’s been drawing for a long time.

He was approached by a teacher after she found his sketch book and challenged him to come up with a school mascot.

“So I started drawing stuff out and I’d show her and she got it printed out so the kids could color it and then they made stories up which was awesome and I got to see them. They put them up all over the hallways. It was pretty awesome what they came up with, I loved it,” Reyes says.

Reyes says he’d love an opportunity to do more paintings.

As he put it, “There are plenty of white walls in the school.”