Senator Heitkamp Tours Fargo-Based Drone Pioneer

U.S Senator Heidi Heitkamp toured Packet Digital in Fargo, to gain more insight on their unmanned aircraft systems.

Packet Digital is part of the movement of the growing UAS industry in North Dakota.

During U.S Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s visit, she was able to see how their work substantially helps extend the flight time of drones.

“It’s critically important as we kind of move forward and think about what is happening here. Who in the federal government we should be talking to make sure that North Dakota and this facility is on the map,” says Senator Heitkamp.

Packet Digital has recently created new computer chips for memory modules, an onboard mobile device.

They also created a company called Botlink.

“In addition we are taking our expertise in electronics and power electronics and are currently developing converters for solar power and our solutions are deployed in Afghanistan today,” says Packet Digital CEO, Terri Gunn Zimmerman.

This plays a crucial role being that unmanned aircraft systems are now also being placed onto military bases.

“It also is very applicable in military settings. We’re in discussion with a number of agencies about our Botlink system to provide potentially surveillance or collect data and do site surveys in military settings,” says Zimmerman.

Fargo is just one of the many cities contributing to the expansion of unmanned aircraft systems and also expanding unmanned aircraft applications.

“We get overlooked because people don’t expect to find this kind of intellectual product in a state like North Dakota. But we know that there’s pockets of innovation all through the state. Not just in Fargo but really all throughout the state. We need to be promoting and understanding. Especially someone in my position, so that we can do a great job building North Dakota’s economy and expanding North Dakota’s economy,” says Senator Heitkamp.