Drekker Brewing Company Celebrates Its Second Anniversary

Drekker Brewing Company is celebrating its two-year anniversary today with Drekker Fest.

With live music, games and brews all in the back alley, Drekker is celebrating two years of success.

“We knew we were going to make it. We knew if we worked hard enough we could keep this thing going. We had no idea it would be at the place we are just two years in. so we’ve been blown away and that’s only possible because of this great community and how supportive everybody is. That’s what Drekker Fest is all about, thanking everybody, come down to the brewery, we’re having an awesome party and its here for many more years,” says Mark Bjornstad, President and Co-Founder of Drekker Brewing.

Drekker Fest events includes a Red River Market, a Drekker Alley Bags Tournament and serving up a wide variety of craft beers.

One of the things that Drekker is promoting today is this new beer.

“Night Man Cometh, it’s a Russian imperial ale. Everyone really liked it last year so we had one keg left and threw it in a bourbon barrel and it’s been sitting there for over a year and so we’re tapping it today,” says bartender Shanda Guy.

The brewery will host its festival all throughout midnight tonight, encouraging all people to come join the fun.

“I grew up in a small town so we didn’t have breweries so it’s really fun to get out and see how it’s really been flourishing in Fargo. All the fun breweries and new businesses around town,” says Dede Vettleson.

Drekker Fest also hosted a concert in the alley Saturday from 7 to 11 pm.

Local bands, “Boots” and “The 4onthefloor” will take the stage.

Tickets for the concert at Drekker Fest were $10, and everything else was open to the public.