Last “Great Ride” of the Season

Great Rides Bike Share Club had its last great ride of the season.

Nearly 50 bikers left from Great Northern Bicycle Company and headed out passed the airport to Harwood and then back again.

The bike club makes this trip about 100 times every season which starts in the spring.

Although this route is scenic, riders say this last ride is bittersweet.

“You know we live in Fargo North Dakota, we know that winter comes, we know that spring comes so I think we had a great season of riding and we’re looking forward to having a little celebration to celebrate that now and we’ll get a few more rides in this year but of course winters on its way,” says Tom Smith, Director of Great Rides.

Smith says if you’d be interested in joining Great Rides and being informed when they schedule one of their impromptu rides to go to their website.

Here’s a link to the site.