Fargo Public Library Honors Memory of Officer Moszer

The Fargo Public Library is honoring the memory of Fargo Police Officer Jason Moszer in a special way.

A book display full of police themed children’s books has been set up in the children’s section of the library.

The books were purchased with $700 in donations from library staff and city officials.

The collection includes 45 books and each book includes a dedication to Officer Moszer on the first page.

“I think that certainly they are a part of our community and we want our kids to understand that they’re there to protect them. They’re there to help them out and give them the opportunity to see what it’s like to be a police officer and that’s what several of the books are,” says Children’s Librarian Amber Emery.

The display will be up for a few weeks according to library staff.

After they’ll be sorted in with the rest of the library’s collection, but you will still be able to find them by searching “Jason Moszer” on the library’s book search.