YWCA is Asking Local Politicians for Help

After starting the only shelter for victims of human trafficking in North Dakota, the YWCA of Cass Clay is calling on local legislators and lawmakers for help.
The YWCA gave a tour of the shelters used by victims in need.

Cameras were not allowed on the tour, but we were able to speak with the YWCA and area politicians about their thoughts.
The YWCA of Cass Clay is at capacity; sheltering 67 women and children who are victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking.
“We’re connected to a larger shelter network both in North Dakota and Minnesota,” YWCA Cass Clay CEO Erin Prochnow says.
Organizations like Youth Works and the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center help them provide services to over 1,500 women and children each year.

And it’s only growing.
“In 2015 we served more women and children than ever before in our nearly 40 years of sheltering,” Prochnow says.
Now they’re calling upon the help of legislators and candidates from 10 different districts to stick their necks out for the victims.
“We’re hopeful that our mission of advocacy is shared with them and that they join us on this mission to help provide for women and children in our community that are facing domestic violence, that are facing homelessness, that are victims of the horrific crime of human trafficking,” Prochnow says.
The legislators were then given a tour of the YWCA’s first shelter for victims of human trafficking.
We can’t show you what’s inside to protect the privacy of its users, but visitors were impressed with what they saw.
“They’ve really done a phenomenal job with the resource they have. What they’re able to provide for people here is truly life changing,” says Republican Fargo State Senator Tim Flakoll.
The YWCA also provides education employment programming, an on-site shelter nurse and even childcare services.

They say they’re continuing to tighten security in order to protect those using the shelter.
CEO Erin Prochnow says they provide services to over 300 people every day.