The Haunted Farm Scares Up Some Fun In Moorhead

Halloween is right around the corner.

The Haunted Farm in Moorhead opened Friday night inviting the community to preview it.

The Haunted Farm has been around over 20 years, with efforts to become scarier each year.

“This year its several thousands dollars, we’ve done a lot of rebuilding. I don’t know if you know what a vortex is it’s a tunnel you walk through. Ours has been 15 feet long for years and now we have forty feet you have to walk through,” says Mel Nygaard, owner of the Haunted Farm.

The lineup of attractions change almost every year.

This year, they’re including a ‘Madman Morgue’ a ‘Killer Cave’ and an ‘Insane Clown Room’ to name a few.

Luckily, they had a leader to guide the group.

“If you survive my group you get a bead. If you pee your pants you get a pretty one,” says group leader, Simi Sharp.

Not only was being at The Haunted Farm scary enough, walking through the woods had every one jumping off their feet.

Everybody’s getting quiet and scared, and you can just tell that there’s fear all around.

“I like watching people, and I like watching people have fun and we have a lot a lot of fun. A lot of adults that work out here and they come back year after year,” says Nygaard.

The Haunted Farm can also hold group parties for kids throughout the month.

Some brave walkers shared their experience after surviving the attraction.

“Like the people that popped out and they like follow you and then they would just jump out and then you’d just be like ahh!” says visitor Mark Rosing.

“It was actually kind of scary at first and then when i went through the whole entire area i started going a little bit insane a little kind of just i started laughing and i started forgetting things and what’s going on,” says Anj Sillers.

The Haunted Farm will run on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays up until Halloween.

They’re Halloween Preview runs on Fridays and Saturdays until October 8th, and the Big Show begins October 13th.