Harlem Ambassadors Take on the Red River Valley Flood

The Harlem Ambassadors are back in town for round two versus the Red River Valley Flood, a local team made of community leaders.

The basketball game is raising funds for the Arc West Central and Moorhead Kiwanis Programs for Children & People with Developmental Disabilities.

This is the second year the “Flood” has taken on the Ambassadors and there’s certainly a rivalry that has developed between the two teams after last year.

“I think we won but they cheated a little bit. They ran the core up on us,” says Fargo Fire Chief and Flood Player Steve Dirksen.

The game begins after a quick huddle.

Sounds like the game plan is to get the ball to MSUM’s Women’s Basket Ball coach.

Then it’s off to the court, but this isn’t your average game.

There are as many laughs as there are points scored.

The night is full of jokes, skits and pranks with a little bit of basketball mixed in.

The best part is almost all of the proceeds go to a good cause.

“Any time that we can help disadvantaged people in the community and give them an opportunity to do things and support them, that’s why I come out and help,” says Dirksen.

The Ambassadors make a point of dedicating all of their games to different causes.

“We’re talking to kids about being drug free, focusing on education, exedra, exedra. We’re advocates for the youth,” says Ambassador Player Brittany Dorsey.

Even though this event is all just fun and games, it’s pretty clear who the professionals are.

It may look close right now but that’s after the home team got a 50 point bump.

Maybe the “Flood” is a bit out of their element but that doesn’t stop them from dreaming.

“We’re in contract negotiations so we’ll see what happens, what Steve comes up with. You know I’m looking for a Carson Wentz type deal so we’ll see what happens,” says Dirksen.

We’ll see what kind of deal Steve gets when the Ambassadors come back for round three next year.

The final score of the game was 81 to 77 Harlem Ambassadors.