Fargo Ties to Hurricane Matthew

As Hurricane Matthew tears through the east coast, some F–M locals are worrying about their friends and families stuck in the storm.

The scenes from Jacksonville Beach and St. Augustine show walls of water sweeping the streets.

Storm surges are flooding the roads and causing damage that hasn’t been seen in the region’s living memory.

Inland, there seems to be less flooding but reports of downed trees and damaged roofs have been confirmed.

NDSU Softball Player Kaitlyn Leddy is from the Jacksonville area and has numerous loved ones riding out the storm.

“I’m super nervous because I’m all the way here in Fargo and I have family all over Jacksonville so it’s not just like my parents’ house. Just being up here and not being able to be there and not knowing what’s going on every second is hard,” says Leddy.

My parents John and Julie Stofan are in Fleming Island which is about 20 minutes outside of the heart of Jacksonville.

“They basically told us to stay put and stay inside as much as possible,” John says.

They say damage in their area is fairly minimal, but some screens are torn off their patio.

They say things elsewhere aren’t as calm.

“It’s hitting St. Augustine pretty good,” says Julie.

“St. Augustine and Daytona are ruined, they showed on the news that roofs were coming off and siding and you wouldn’t want to be walking around in it,” says John.

I also spoke with Quinn Ibach who recently moved from Fargo to Mount Pleasant South Carolina.

The storm hasn’t reached her yet, but she says she’s prepared for the worst.

“I think we’re confident in our preparation and we’re just hoping that some of the more drastic ones we don’t need to take,” says Ibach.

She says her area should be safe from flooding but downed trees could cause some damage.

Weather reports show the storm continuing to lose strength as it moves north, so there’s a good chance South Carolina will be spared the level of damage seen in Florida.

The KVRR News team is wishing for the safety of those in the path of this devastating storm.