West Fargo Fire Department Looking For Volunteers

The West Fargo Fire Department is looking for new volunteer fire fighters.

The department accepts applications year round.

They’re down to 37 volunteers but would like to have about 45 on hand.

Some old firefighters were at the station this morning telling stories and educating current staff on the department’s history.

If you ask any of these old timers, they’ll all tell you they didn’t sign up for the pay.

“Their reward is getting to help out the community, getting to be there when someone needs the help, making their day a little bit better. Even if it’s something as small as going out and airing out someone’s house after they had a small cooking fire or something like that,” says West Fargo Fire Chief Dan Fuller.

 Applications can be picked up from the West Fargo Fire Department on 1st Street, or visit you can fill an application out online by following this link.