Concordia Home Coming Parade Brings Old Classmates Together

Concordia College has been celebrating its homecoming since Monday.

Before this afternoon’s game, the campus had its annual homecoming parade.

The Concordia parade stretched down 8th Street in Moorhead with a sea of maroon and gold.

“I like Cobber Nation the guys all like paint up and stuff and it’s cool,” says Concordia Freshman Reanna Hill.

You can’t always satisfy everyone though.

“We could have used some more bands but we’re music majors so we’re prejudice but it’s always fun, you know it just is fun,” says alumni Shauna Bergenheier.

The week long homecoming celebration brings alumni and current students together.

“Everybody is like really into school spirit here and it’s cool it’s like the whole Roll-Cobbs thing brings everyone together,” says Hill.

“Well my sister is here from Minneapolis and Shauna’s sister and her brother–in–law are here, they both went to Concordia. They’re from Wisconsin so this is kind of a good meeting place for the five us to get together,” says alumni Ken Bergenheier.

The home coming week is also a great opportunity for former Huskers to reminisce on old times.

“At breakfast this morning we went around to each person and they named their favorite professor and that was really fun,” says Shauna Bergenheier.

Now the homecoming parade is over but homecoming events will continue through Sunday.

“There’s a dance tonight and stuff and the football game obviously, with tailgating,”says Hill.

There’s also a homecoming concert at Memorial Auditorium and a number of soccer games tomorrow, so there’s still plenty of fun to be had.

For a full schedule of Concordia’s home coming events, click this link.