High School Volleyball Teams Take a Dig at Breast Cancer

High school volleyball players from Fargo North and Fargo South are playing their Dig Pink cancer fundraising matches at Fargo North High School.

The games are raising money for breast cancer and this year, the two schools doubled the amount of donations they collected last year.

The girls worked incredibly hard this year raising money for the game by selling Dig Pink t–shirts.

Last year, the two schools raised about $2,000 but this year, they’ve raised $4,000, selling about 375 t–shirts.

“I think it’s kind of up to the kids,” said Fargo North Varsity Coach Jenna Oestreich. “If you have a group of kids that find this to be a big deal they’ll get out and they’ll sell.”

This year, the fundraiser hits close to home for many of the girls playing.

“My grandma had breast cancer and she survived it so I just kind of wanted to go spread the word I guess,” said Fargo North Varsity Player Anna Goffe. “And it’s for a good cause so I wanted to sell a lot of shirts.”

Varsity player Emma Bartelson has a family friend who had breast cancer.

“Just to motivate me to get more t–shirts to help her out,” said Bartelson.

And the motivation didn’t stop there; students at the both high schools were excited to help out the teams.

“Most people are like ‘oh yeah I’ll get you the money tomorrow’ or ‘I’ll go ask my parents for money’ and everyone really wanted to participate,” said Goffee.

“You know, we have people in our school…teachers that are affected by it and everything so please get out, recognize them,” said Oestreich.

All the money raised from t–shirt sales, ticket sales and donations at the event go to Side Out Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

If you couldn’t make it out tonight but would still like to donate, click on this link to go to Side Out Foundation for Breast Cancer Research’s website.

The  Side Out Foundation ‘s mission is to enhance breast cancer research and awareness.