Moorhead Police Department Preparing for a Parent’s Worst Nightmare

The Moorhead Police Department wants to make sure it’s prepared in case of a child abduction.

A conference room at the Clay County Courthouse becomes an emergency operation center .

Police tackle a scenario where a 15-year-old girl is abducted.

“In this mock scenario, we needed to establish a location to have all the resources so that when we are asking for public assistance and any leads information for investigators it comes to one central location,” said Lieutenant Tory Jacobson of the Moorhead Police Department.

The exercise includes going to places where the suspect and victim may have been.

“There are many locations in an investigation like this. It’s very dynamic and fluid,” Jacobson added.

The Child Abduction Response Team is required to train annually.

In the past, they’ve had “tabletop” meetings where they only discuss a situation.

This is the first time Moorhead Police organized a mock abduction.

“Sometimes in the real world we realize that there are obstacles that come into play,” said Jacobson. “Things change, or something doesn’t work as designed so this is the opportunity for us to truly mobilize those resources.”

All while valuing the importance of time during these emergencies.

“This is the practicing that they do to ensure the checklist and make sure that they’re doing the best that they can to hopefully comfort our community and let them know that we would be best prepared to respond to the type of incident like this,” he said.

Authorities are hard at work treating this as seriously as a real scenario in hopes for more happy endings.

The Child Abduction Response Team is made up of local ,state and federal law enforcement agencies.