Aspen Dental Mouth Mobile Pops Up in Fargo

The Aspen Dental Mouth Mobile set up in front of the Cass County court house.

Organizers from the Mouth Mobile say they plan on serving upwards to 40 veterans today all for free.

Most of the patients made appointments in advance, but the mobile dentist office also accepts walk-ins.

Three dentists share the busy workload of taking care of the patients, some of which haven’t seen a dentist in years.

For the relatively small staff, there is a surprising amount of procedures they offer.
“Fillings extractions if they have dentures we can do some basic denture repair,” said worker Amy Roberts.
And all of these services are going to the people who need it most.
“I feel pretty good because when I came back from Nam we never got any recognition just like, well oh I see you made it back and that was it,” said veteran Mark Kugler.
Organizers say often times veterans are left behind when it comes to dental care.
“We realized that the folks that were coming to the Mouth Mobile, the majority were veterans and as we started to learn more and more about their stories we found out that they weren’t able to get coverage through the VA,” explained Roberts.
The Mouth Mobile is working to help those who fall through the cracks and the veterans are happy to know there are still people out there who want to help.
“This is a good deal,” agreed Kugler. “It’s a start. Maybe there will be more to come for us Vietnam veterans.”
If you’re a veteran and you’d like to seek out the Mouth Mobile services, click on this link to find out where the it will make its next stop.