Centennial Elementary Students Put Their Wheels to the Pavement for Reading

Students at Centennial Elementary are getting a lesson on navigation, bike riding, and the public library all in one.

The school’s fifth grade class gear up outside the elementary school before taking to the streets for their one mile ride to the Dr. James Carlson branch of the Fargo Library.

There they learn not only how to check out books but also everything the library has to offer, including video games and audiobooks.

“From this moment forward we never can have the excuse, I didn’t have a book to read,” said teacher Lucas Steier. “We now know that every one of these students not only knows how to get from their school to the library, but they know everything the library has to offer.”

Steier started the annual field trip six years ago.

Originally, it was just his class that made the trip, but in the last three years it has grown to include the whole grade.