Mobile Mouth Clinic: One Veteran’s Story

The Aspen Dental Mouth Mobile was in town this afternoon bringing smiles to veterans with free dental work.

About 40 veterans received free dental care as part of the Mobile Mouth’s stop in Fargo.

Mobile Mouth organizers say veterans are often left behind when it comes to dental care.

They offer teeth cleanings, tooth extractions, and cavity fillings all free of charge to help those who are in need get the care they need.

Now the Mouth Mobile is only equipped to perform minor dental procedures but every so often a special patient comes around who deserves a very special gift.

Meet Mark Kugler, or Bear, as he likes to be called.

Bear fought in Vietnam in the late 60s and like so many other veterans of that war, he didn’t exactly get the hero’s welcome he deserved.

“We haven’t hardly gotten anything,” said Kugler. “I get to go to the VA but I mean as far as other stuff it’s…well this will help a lot.”

He says the VA hasn’t been much of a help when it comes to dental care so he jumped at the chance when he heard about the Mouth Mobile.

“Oh it’s been quite a few years ago, but this is something for the vets so I figured I would take the opportunity,” he explained. “They’re going to pull some teeth today. They’re going to pull two for sure and they must be doing it pretty quick cause they say these appointments are a half hour long.”

“So he was speaking with our dentist Dr. Johnson,” said Amy Roberts of the Mobile Mouth Clinic. “And you know, she realized this guy…we could take care of him, get a couple of the infected teeth out of his mouth today. But he really needs more than that.”

Bear is going to be coming back for an appointment to get a full set of dentures.

So the next time we see him, he’ll have a full smile.

“This is a good deal,” said Kugler. “It’s a start. Maybe there will be more to come for us Vietnam veterans.”

For more information on the Mobile Mouth Clinic or to find out where it will be stopping next, click here.