Concordia Students March Against DAPL

Students at Concordia College were marching on campus and around 8th street in Moorhead showing their support for the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

That’s what local students chanted in their protest march near Concordia College earlier this evening.

The march, organized by the Student Environmental Alliance consisted of about 30 or 40 students from Concordia, MSUM and NDSU who all share the same goal.

“We hope the United States government will actually realize that what they’re doing is harshly affecting not only the native population but thirty one million people down the Missouri River too,” says Protest Organizer Lacy Tooker-Kerkevuld.

And it’s not just about the environment.

They’re also concerned with the treatment of Native Americans by the government.

“We need to recognize that they have rights too and that we have not been recognizing their rights and they deserve a right to life and a right to water,” Tooker-Kerkevuld.

These students’ activism doesn’t end here with this protest.

They say they plan on fighting until an end is put to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline .

They’ve been gathering supplies to donate to the protesters at Stranding Rock in preparation for the upcoming winter.

“It gets deathly cold you know like one cold night without any shelter around you or a fire to keep you warm could be life or death,” says Protest Co-Host Samantha Ferguson.

And so far their collection drive has been going pretty well.

“I believe we have eight bags full of winter clothing and then, they’re actually going shopping for the other winter gear,” Ferguson.

A group of students will actually be going to the protest site tomorrow to disperse the supplies and help out with camp activities for a day.

“We stand in solidarity and we’re going to continue to stand in solidarity in whatever way we can and we just want everyone to know that water is life and we stand with Standing Rock.,” says Ferguson.

Students say their relationship with the Standing Rock protestors will be one of the long run.

If you’d like to help their cause, email for more information.